Stepping stones in the water

What is Life Coaching?

The aim of life coaching is to identify career goals, dreams and desires. It is an amazing process of creating the stepping stones towards the achievement of a goal and concentrates on where you are now in life and where you would like to be in the future.

Life coaching sessions are interactive which enables you to not only discover yourself but also discover the potential for reaching your work related goals, quicker than you would on your own. All the answers exist within you and the process will help you to uncover them.

Through skilful coaching and NLP techniques, life coaching sessions can provide:

  • more direction and clarity in life
  • time to think about career/life goals, dreams and desires
  • the space to notice what is important in life
  • motivation through the changes you decide to work on
  • the power to identify the hurdles that can hinder achievement

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming which in simple terms refers to a set of skills, exercises and techniques that can improve the way you communicate, think, behave and react to situations by reframing the mind.

  • Neuro: finding out how we think as we are all unique
  • Linguistic: looking at the way we communicate which can be established by analysing the way we speak (language) to ourselves and others
  • Programming: refers to how both positive and negative thoughts, habits and behaviour can be programmed in our brain

NLP techniques can help replace negative behaviour and thoughts with more positive ones. Both NLP and life coaching can help you become more resourceful and gain a sense of peace.

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