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"My coaching sessions with Anita have had an amazing change in my circumstance within a short period ..."

... I started my session when I was at an all time low in my life and through coaching sessions, I managed to bring positive changes in my life. I am forever thankful to my coach Anita for helping me help myself to achieve my goals.

Mo, London

"Anita always arrives with a smile on her face and interacts really well with the staff too ..."

... Anita tutors a group of vulnerable women at Creative And Supportive Trust (CAST) on our Personal Development course and she is able to adapt to each of their needs. Through student feedback the staff at CAST have realised that she is a fantastic tutor and one that is now part of CAST and will be irreplaceable.

She is not just a beautiful person on the outside but on the inside too, who is dedicated to her work. She is always punctual and has her lessons plans ready in advance to her lessons. All the staff at CAST are extremely grateful for all the hard work that she has done and will continue to do.

Gayner, Cast

"Anita helped me to clarify goals I had for my career and helped me to get on the path to realising these goals ..."

... She also gave me the tools to achieve my goals helping me to remove the barriers that were blocking my progress previously. Anita is a very warm, encouraging coach.

Sarah, London

"I feel that the coaching sessions I received from Anita were extremely helpful and have had a positive impact to my daily life ..."

... I lacked confidence in many areas of my life but now feel I have improved and gained self esteem. Anita was very positive and has made an impact on how I think. I would like to thank my coach for helping me with my issues.

Neela, Midlands

"Anita helped me to figure out what I wanted from my life and how to achieve my goals ..."

... I would go as far as saying Anita helped me to identify the areas in my life I was not happy with and helped me make the necessary changes. Due to this I feel a lot happier within my personal and professional life.

Linda T, London

"When I turned to Anita for help I felt lost in my career and on my path ..."

... I had very low self-esteem so we started working on that a lot and I felt I was gaining more and more after each session. I had problems with standing up for myself (especially in front of my family) and Anita helped me to see things from a different perspective and to become a stronger person.

A friend who was a client of Anita’s suggested her to me and I’m truly grateful to him and to Anita who encourages me every time we meet. We have both Skype and face to face sessions which works really well. During sessions, I feel so positive and re-energized which keeps me on my track of finding my way and my purpose in life which I now know, I will achieve.

Zib, London

"I needed more confidence in myself and needed to let go of past insecurities and focus on my future ..."

... Anita's website looked professional and I really liked the look of her and felt that I could be comfortable to open up and really be truthful. The website had all the information I needed and I liked the fact that I was called first to go through what I wanted and to make sure we were both happy. I didn't feel at all that it was just about money.

I learnt a lot about myself and how and why I felt the way I did and how to address my problems. I have become happier and more confident and I have learnt some techniques which I still use to control myself. I would say speak to Anita and discuss your needs. Open up totally and after just a short time you will realise that this really could be the best thing you have ever done. It worked for me!

Nikki, London

"The reason why I contacted Anita for life coaching was that I didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise ..."

... I have benefited from Anita's sessions as I have realised a lot about myself which I never knew and have become more confident within myself and my abilities. My confidence has improved a lot and I have become a much more positive person and realised with all the negativity there is a positive that comes from it and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Linda A, London

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