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Life Coaching for a Positive Attitude

Hi I'm Anita and welcome to life coaching for a positive attitude.

There is no doubt that positive feelings, thoughts and even positive people put us on a high or as I like to call it a positive frequency.

It’s all about the thoughts we feed our mind. What we think about and how we feel determines the way we behave. If our main thinking pattern is negative then our energy, focus and enjoyment of life is affected in a big way.

Having more positive words to say to ourselves and others around us is truly satisfying. Research suggests that having a positive outlook can contribute to a wide range of psychological, health and physical benefits.

Learn the skills to reframe negative thinking and feelings through techniques including positive affirmations by understanding how your mind works. Discover aspects of ‘the law of attraction’ to shift your energy, focus and thoughts.

Become an expert in visualising, to create your dreams and goals by the power of your mind.

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