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Life Coaching FAQ's

  1. What happens in a session?

    Sessions are focused on the outcome you desire. Through questioning as well as listening to you I will be able to establish your strengths and any challenges that are in the way of your achievements. I will support you right from the start until you reach your goal.

  2. How long are sessions?

    Session Plan:

    • Initial: Free 30 minute telephone consultation where I will call you at a convenient time to answer any questions you may have and to briefly explore what has brought you to coaching.
    • Skype/telephone coaching: 60 minutes
    • Face to face coaching: 50/60 minutes

    Skype and telephone coaching also works well for long distance sessions. See benefits below:

  3. Why Skype?

    Skype is an excellent way of having coaching sessions and many of my clients choose skype for lots of reasons:

    • You can have a session in the comfort of your home or office - even when if you are abroad and still have the visual element of a face to face session.
    • It saves time and energy in terms of travelling and also saves money.
    • There is also more flexibility with appointments and it is free to download and simple to use.
    • It is suitable and effective wherever you live in the world and fits in well with life commitments.

    If you want to get in touch my skype name is anita-dhanjal.

  4. How many sessions will I need?

    This depends on the type of goal(s) you want to work on and achieve. It also depends on your drive as to when you want to accomplish your desired outcome. The more you put in the faster you will achieve your results.

    I can confidently say that whatever your reason for coaching is, you will start to notice a significant difference within yourself and with your goal(s) after only 6 sessions (the general coaching standard).

  5. How much do sessions cost?

    As we are all unique and the fact that we all face different challenges in life, sessions as well as fees are based on each individual's needs. Please contact me for more information.

    To book your free 30 minute telephone consultation please call me on 07977 512 474 or email me at

  6. How can you help me?

    As your coach my aim is to support you through your journey towards achievement. I will motivate and encourage you to stay focused on the positive changes you want to make to your life. I remain non judgemental and everything we discuss is in strict confidence and in a safe environment.

  7. Is coaching the same as therapy/counselling and mentoring?

    Life coaching does differ from therapy and support services such as mentoring but each have their own unique techniques in helping people. Coaching looks at a person as a whole and looks at all the areas of your life whereas therapy/mentoring may focus on more specific aspects. The process of coaching sessions are to focus on the here and now and where you want to be in your future whereas counselling tends to focus on getting to the route cause. Coaching sessions are non-advisory as the techniques support and encourage you to create your solutions.

  8. What do I need to do make an appointment?

    Simply contact me to arrange your free 30 minute telephone consultation and start your journey towards positive changes.

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