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Simply Coaching You Guarantee

No Hidden Costs

Prices and packages are outlined clearly, showing the value and additional support that you will receive when 'investing in yourself'.

Happy Factor

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation via skype or telephone for you to ensure:

  • Your questions are answered
  • You are happy and energised to work with me
  • You feel comfortable and understand the amazing world of coaching!

Results and Satisfaction Factor

Generally most people start to feel a marked difference between 6 - 9 sessions.

I can confidently say that whatever your reason for coaching is, you will start to notice a significant difference within yourself and with your goal(s) after only 6 sessions (the general coaching standard) and you will start to see the results in many ways:

  • More clarity and confidence with what you want
  • Confidence in making your next career decision
  • Strong focus and increased motivation
  • Plan of action determined and solutions identified for any obstacles
  • Limiting behaviours determined
  • Life and core values established
  • Feeling powerful to make it all happen!

Simply reassuring!

This certainly over rides any niggling fears to begin your coaching journey.

These results are guaranteed as long as you keep the continuity of sessions and implement any action plans created during sessions. Client responsibility is vital.

Keeping You on Track

If you can’t measure what you are doing you don’t know how well you are doing!

  • A progress checklist is designed to keep you motivated and for you to see how well you are doing, giving you assurance that you are heading in the right direction of your vision … dream … goals.
  • Ongoing support assured for as long as you require it.

No Tie In Contract

There is nothing to tie you in to a particular number of sessions, however people tend to see a marked difference around 6 sessions. It all depends on your drive as to when you want to accomplish your desired outcome. The more you put in the faster you will achieve your results.


Communication is great! Lack of communication can sometimes cause a dip in motivation. So emailing me to share success or quick trouble shooting between sessions is available to keep your momentum rich and strong.

Another way to stay connected and inspired is that you get access to my daily ‘Words of Wisdom’ on Facebook and Twitter for an empowering dose of motivation!

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