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Hi, welcome to Simply Coaching You and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Here, you will find out more about me and how I work as a Life Coach. After all you want to make sure that you will be working with the right person and coach and it’s my pleasure to help put your mind at ease and leave you feeling confident and reassured.

Bit of a Background ...

I have over 19 Years experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals including roles as an NHS technician and a medical sales representative. I have always had a strong interest in finding ways to make people feel better and happier within themselves and initially this was mainly achieved through the pharmaceutical industry.

Through my work I met many people who went through phases in their career where they felt off balance, had no purpose or fulfilment and needed some clarification on what to do next? I myself went through a similar phase! Although I enjoyed what I did I had a feeling of being unfulfilled within my career which was having a knock on effect on my personal life.

It was time to do something new! From working with a Life Coach to figure out what I wanted to do and then training to be one myself it was one of the best decisions I took.

I passionately enjoy empowering people to feel more content, happy and fulfilled within their career and of course life!

Having that sense of support is truly life changing – I’ve been there!

My Coaching Journey ...

I took my training with The Coaching Academy in London, fulfilling my own personal goal and ambition and successfully started my path as a Life Coach.

I am a qualified Personal Development Coach and NLP practitioner and use both sets of skills and techniques on clients that I work with as they complement each other very well.

I coach in London for city professionals, in Ilford and also online with people throughout the UK and internationally. I use my life coaching and NLP skills to empower people to develop and find new solutions to lead a more satisfying life.

As well as being a coach I am also a Reiki Practioner which involves balancing and healing the mind and body. More information can be found at www.simplyreikilight.com

I also coach and teach Bollywood dancing which is an excellent stress buster, improves confidence and brings a sense of fun into life!

I am a writer/author for Vanity magazine within the 'real life' section, which I thoroughly enjoy doing and allows me to reach out to a wider audience. I have also contributed to articles in Women’s fitness Magazines.

As a personal performance trainer I have also provided training and workshops for CAST Charity in London which has been very rewarding.

I truly believe that we have all the choices, wisdom and the power to make positive changes to any part of life. Once we put our mind to it then anything is possible!

Anita Dhanjal - Life coach and NLP practicioner

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